Quality & Risk Management Approach

Our Management Approach was formulated at WARCOM, and honed at PEO C4I, and has been rewarded with multiple Acquisition Excellence awards. Our Quality Assurance Approach is an integral part of our organizational structure and built in to everything we do. In this section we discuss our Management Approach, Quality Assurance Approach, our Technology Transition Planning Approach, and Information Security expertise.

Define and Measure:
Our process of resource waste reduction begins by talking to the customer or user of the output of the process to Define what they want and value, then create a way to Measure the outcome. All costs that do not contribute to that value are waste and can be immediately eliminated. The process is tied to Task award, and the generation of the Project Management Plan, which includes a Risk Management Plan to cover any Cost, Schedule, Performance or Programmatic Risk. Typically, Risk Exchange is our tool of choice for risk Cube creation.

  • Analyze and Improve.
  • We create quality teams who Analyze the problem to define the root cause, then make recommendations for Improvement.

  • Controls.
  • After these steps have been accomplished we make recommendations for implementation of Controls to prevent a regression back to the performance that did not deliver to plan.

  • Agile, Lean & Six Sigma.
  • Process controls are established/used to ensure that processes can be analyzed and normalized looking for performance in the 2 to 3 standard deviation range, and identifying any wasteful steps in the workflows.