AT&T Government Solutions:

DuChancell Tier 1 partner, AT&T, is committed to mobilizing, virtualizing and innovating for the Department of Defense and today’s warfighter. With lessons learned over 130 years of communications and information technology deployments, AT&T stands ready to support your mission goals. Our global integrated solutions, provided at scale to more than 180 countries, are designed to help you improve service, efficiency and the user experience. Leave it to our highly skilled staff to deliver and manage the technologies behind complex and large-scale systems, so you can concentrate on defending our nation’s interests, here and abroad.

Defend and Transform the Enterprise with Proven Solutions

  • • Mobilize the warfighter to increase efficiency and boost productivity for mission success.
  • • Transition to the cloud with scalable, on-demand, highly secure IT infrastructure to lower costs, drive efficiencies and ensure end-to-end service delivery, such as Virtual Desktop Service.
  • • Promote collaboration with Unified Communications to infuse the entire DoD enterprise with unprecedented capabilities.
  • • Protect your mission with custom cyber security solutions – ranging from large, managed networks to innovative, standalone cyber tools – that meet Defense security requirements.
  • • Employ innovative technology to achieve your agency’s ongoing mission with specialized solutions developed to your specifications by the experienced professionals of AT&T. Take a tour of AT&T’s Global Network Operations Center.



B23 Incorporated: (

B23 develops software tools and applications to enable our customers to extract competitive intelligence from Big Data. We specialize in developing software solutions and capabilities using open source software such as the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem and when necessary proprietary software, to create new, faster, and more robust applications. B23 has expertise in deploying within numerous Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service providers, and traditional Infrastructure.

B23 uses these tools, methodologies, and software to ingest, structure, and exploit massive datasets; including raw text, machine generated data, structured and unstructured data (log data, documents, etc.) and digital media including graphics, imagery, and full motion video. B23 takes a Continuous Integration and Delivery approach to creating Big Data Exploitation Environments. Rather than wasting large amounts of time creating architectures, B23 gets to the keyboard quickly to begin coding “micro-applications” that prove value quickly and ensure fast, repeated success towards the end goal.



Buddha Labs: (

Buddha Lab’s hardened Amazon Machine Images come with full compliance audit reports. Customers get detailed insight into specific configuration changes made to the systems. Government systems must adhere to the strictest of compliance requirements while remaining mission-capable. Buddha Labs is leading the industry with efforts such as automated lock-down capabilities and assisting with compliance guidance direction. Our suite of security services tailored to government requirements, backed by decades of experience help government customers meet these demands. eMASS Ready. Vulnerability scanning is not enough. Rapidly evolving IT technologies, movement to offsite/cloud based solutions, and the increasing threat of external attackers, sensitive data has never been at greater risk. Buddha can help Navy customers in:

  • • Reduction system and network risk exposure
  • • Reduction of potential financial loss by hackers, cyber criminals, or insider threats
  • • Reduction of potential bad public relations and loss of trust by customers
  • • Aides in compliance regulations and shareholder requirements